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Harpist, singer

Livia Ferrandon-Bescond and her harp. Photo by Pascal Seher.

Livia Ferrandon-Bescond is a harpist and singer specializing in traditional Celtic (Breton, Irish, Galician), Gypsy (Macedonia, Serbia) and Yiddish music.


Initially classically trained, in 2021 she obtained a DEM in traditional music at the Brest Conservatory. ​


In July 2022 she won the Camac Celtic Harp trophy in Lorient. ​


Under her leadership, the Compagnie Catguts was created and several projects were launched combining theater and music such as "Allumettes", "Les Contes dans les neiges" and especially "Le Ô Trio", which performed on very beautiful stages, notably that of the Dinan International Celtic Harps Festival, and which is preparing a first album in collaboration with our label.

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