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To be released in March 2024 (Inouïe Distribution)

Photo by Bertrand-Loïc: Couchant d’un solstice d’été sur la Dordogne

Through 10 musical pieces, Gabriel Bismut has written the soundtrack of his own imaginary movie. This film is at the same time sad, cheerful, melancholic, joyful, nostalgic and visionary. Its main theme is the human soul, its aspirations and contradictions.


The piano, an instrument that can play all roles and convey all emotions, is the main actor. Young pianist Nacer Zerfaoui puts all his finesse and versatility at the service of these pieces with colors that are sometimes classical, baroque, modern and minimalist.


Cellist Théophile Dugué or string trios add an orchestral touch to certain pieces.


This album is for those who love the romanticism of Frédéric Chopin, the insouciance of Éric Satie, the minimalist counterpoint of Philip Glass and the melodic spontaneity of Sofiane Pamart. This accessible work emphasizes that music is the language of emotion, its codification.

Photo: Bertrand-Loïc

1. Première Neige 04:12
2. Souviens toi (Solo Version) 02:44
3. Persévérance (Duo Version) 06:25
4. Le Dernier Vol 03:24
5. Épique 05:56
6. Écho 06:53
7. Séparation Éternelle 07:18
8. Éphémère 02:46
9. Alchimie 03:12
10. Beauté Intérieure 04:01
11. Persévérance (Solo Version) 06:54
12. Souviens toi (Duo Version) 02:40

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