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Released on November 13, 2020 (Inouïe Distribution)

Cover of the album "Le Chat Brel" by Gabriel Bismut & Maurizio Minardi

The melodies on this album, composed in turn by Gabriel Bismut and by Maurizio Minardi, are inspired by great French and Italian film music. The title "Le Chat Brel" is a reference to new wave cinema, the dramatic intensity of Jacques Brel, and the lightness of jazz and French song.

In search of traces of their origins in world music, Gabriel Bismut and Maurizio Minardi have delved into popular music from France and Italy, into Argentine tango, Latin waltzes and Baroque rhapsodies, and made a blend of their own.

Of course, jazz and gypsy music are always present: in turn, the members of the quartet leave their mark on this music with their solos.

With :
Gabriel Bismut (violin and viola), Maurizio Minardi (accordion), Barthelemy Seyer (guitar) and Maurizio Congiu (double bass).

Artistic direction: Marc Berthoumieux

This album has received support from ADAMI, FCM, SCPP, CNM and SPEDIDAM.

Photo: Stefano Candito

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